What are seven tips for a good apology email?

Ready to get started? Here are some tips for crafting the perfect “oops” email to help

  1. Be timely
  2. Be transparent
  3. Stay optimistic
  4. Maintain your tone of voice
  5. Consider your reputation
  6. Gauge the severity of the situation

Let’s dive into each of these below.

Is it too late now to say sorry? If you’re wondering this, chances are, it might be.

Earlier is always better, no matter the particulars of your email mistake. For instance, let’s say you sent an expired promotion in your original email. The faster you follow up with an apology message and include the correct information, the happier your customers will be. Promptness can minimize the downtime your customers experience. You’ll receive fewer calls, emails, and customer complaints if you own up to your mistake and correct it in a timely fashion.

Apology email from Extensis

The #1 rule of apologies is to be transparent. Be up front and unmistakably clear about why your brand is emailing them. We’ve gone over the subject for apology emails above, so let’s go over the first piece of your apology letter that your  Uganda Business Email List subscribers will see: the “oops” email subject line.

In a nutshell, keep it short, simple, and sincere. Remember,  and preview text let subscribers know why you’re emailing them at a glance. Be transparent about it  so your audience knows what’s going on.

 Stay optimistic

Again, most of the time, an apology email won’t be addressing an end-of-the-world issue. So, the reason for the apology is only going to be as “bad” as your email language makes it out to be.

Notice the difference between:

“We are so sorry for this error. We truly apologize and will make sure it never happens again.”


“Oops! It looks like we sent you the wrong thing. Here’s the real (link/promo code/etc.) You’ll have much better luck using this one instead.”

The first apology borders on begging for forgiveness, which isn’t necessary. The second plays it off cool like, “yep, we made a mistake, but we’re all good with moving on if you are.” This is a much healthier approach when  UAE Cell Number  apologizing to your audience. But remember, be geniune. Your audience will immediately notice if your apology seems fake

 Maintain your tone of voice

Don’t feel like you have to channel your inner lawyer and kick your brand voice and approachable tone to the curb. Your subscribers love you for you, so sprinkle your token flare into your message as well.

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