Reasons to Fall in Love with Email Marketing Again

In a personal relationship, you put up with annoyances like snoring and smelly feet because of all the important things you love about someone (at least I hope that’s what my wife thinks).

So, for just a minute, let’s stop talking about what we can’t do in email and focus on the positive aspects of what we all do.

The most-lovable email marketing benefits

To help rekindle your email marketing passion, we reached out to some people who design and develop emails as well as marketers who use the channel to help businesses grow. We didn’t want to hear the usual stuff about email being cost-effective. We want to know why it’s a joy to work with.

Here’s what they told us they love most about the benefits of email marketing.

1. Email is everywhere you want to be

Email has plenty of haters. And sure, it’s not perfect, but those haters are always prematurely proclaiming the “death of email.”

The truth is, email is way too omnipresent to die. Or, as Director of Partnerships Kyle Kramer explains, “email is ubiquitous” and a medium that easily adapts to disruption.

“Tech and the way we communicate have evolved UAE Phone Number List so much, especially over the course of this pandemic. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that email is ubiquitous. It’s where our most important communications go, and where work really gets done between organizations.

What has changed is the amount of noise in the average person’s inbox. This makes it increasingly important to make sure your communications with your intended audience arrive at the right time, with the right content and context.”
~ Kyle Kramer, Customer.

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Email addresses are directly tied to your online identity. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is the valuable asset you build as you grow your list.

Of course, we’re not saying email is future proof by any means. As Kyle points out, it’s up to email geeks like you to make sure email retains its value, which means using it purposefully and responsibly.


2. Email is a versatile digital marketing channel

Not only is email everywhere, but it also offers a lot of flexibility and opportunities to connect.

Senior Deliverability Strategist  says one of the biggest benefits of email marketing is how powerful it can be in the right hands. You can use or to wish a subscriber a happy birthday. It can work quickly or it can be used to nurture email subscribers over time.

“What I love about email is that it is quite literally a blank canvas to be used as the sender sees fit. Email can be personal or impersonal, artsy or neutral, all images or no images, and everything in between.

3. Email marketing encourages creative thinking

Speaking of the long-awaited death of . Email… have you. Checked out the  from mailgun. By sinch? Listen in .As host jonathan. Torres and eric trinidad. Dive into the .Email underworld to interview. Industry thought leaders.
~ Nathan She, Blueshift Labs

Are you sprinkling a little love into your email marketing campaigns?

One of the many ways to put some love in your  UAE Cell Number email marketing strategy is through design. And  Design Lead Sophie Eggs has a special place in her heart for the creative freedom of email marketing.

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