Drive webinar signups with a personal appeal

What we liked: This webinar subject line from Asana was particularly impressive. Webinars aren’t the sexiest things, making them difficult to drum up excitement for. Nonetheless, they’re a great opportunity to give detailed walkthroughs of how to use your products and platform.

People are protective of their time and probably

Receive a steady stream of webinar invites. How do you position yours as worth readers’ precious time?

Instead of using the subject line to announce the webinar, Asana put the  Albania Business Email List  value proposition front and center. They inform email subscribers exactly what they’re going to get from opening this email (aka: by signing up for the webinar), and they phrase it, so it’s likely to hit a sweet spot with their business-minded user base. Talk about

4. Infuse thank you emails with self-awareness

Subject line: Not A Marketing Email.

What we liked: We’ll be honest, our gut reaction to this subject line was, “Is this sarcasm?” It’s not, but even if it was, we’d still open it to find out.

If this isn’t a marketing email from Brooklinen, then what is it? Turns out it’s a simple, genuine thank you note. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally sending your customers an extra expression of gratitude.

Brooklinen knows you can never go wrong with a little self-awareness. Subscribers already know they’re being sent ecommerce emails from their favorite brands. Don’t  UAE Cell Number be afraid to have a little fun with your audience and catch them off guard from time to time to keep them engaged and excited about your emails:

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