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Email on acid and inboxready by sinch . Are proud to announce that we’ve taken steps to . Back up and prove our dedication to providing customers with a secure platform that focuses on data privacy . Including gdpr compliance. How’d we do it? Great question. It involves some industry audits and . International certifications that evaluate our . Security programs, processes. And preparedness: iso 27001 and iso 27701 soc 2 type I audit no matter who you work with. These certifications and audits are a sign of a technology partner you can trust.

The International Standards Organization is a global

non-governmental organization that defines, develops, and publishes all sorts of standards.  A fairly well-known standard is ISO 9001, which certifies quality management processes. ISO 27001 focuses on information security standards. Therefore, We pursued and achieved this certification because it shows competence and indicates that a reliable information.  Therefore,  A security program is in place.o be more Iran Phone Number List specific, ISO 27001 certifies the following .  That our program aligns with more than 140 controls to identify, investigate, and act on potential security incidents. That annual risk assessments are completed to ensure threats are handled properly.

For us to earn an ISO 27001 certification

Independent auditors test our information security program against all those controls. That means we need to clearly identify risks, set clear objectives. On what needs to be achieved with information security. and define the safeguards. And mitigation efforts that UAE Cell Number vwill handle the risk. Plus, ISO 27001 requires that we show how we regularly measure our information security controls and that we are continuously working to improve security. What is ISO 27701? ISO 27701 is in the same family of certifications as ISO 27001.

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