Dark mode discrepancies

The ability to view an email as a web page is a nice safety net to have, but it shouldn’t be your first course of action when emails don’t render perfectly. Instead of relying on the “view in browser” link to provide an acceptable experience, try fixing things first.

In many cases, you can  and conditional

Statements to deliver a viewable email to subscribers. When email developers use fallbacks, they’re basically writing conditional code that says, “When that doesn’t work, do this instead,” or “If the message is opened on this email client, show this instead of that.

If you’re already , you’re using a fallback. Using a static image instead of a GIF for Outlook is another fallback example. Think of the “view in browser” link as your final fallback. If all else fails, at least people can check it out as a web page.

Until this industry agrees on some , email testing is also Saint Lucia Business Email List  going to be a necessity. With Email on Acid by Sinch, you can test and preview email clients on dozens of the most popular clients and devices. If things don’t look quite right, you can even use our to adjust your code and test the changes in real-time.

Keep trying until you figure things out. Email on Acid offers  which means you can continue troubleshooting without running out of previews.


While you can use our email readiness platform in a UAE Cell Number variety of ways, we’ve designed the optimal predeployment checklist with . It streamlines and simplifies the entire pre-send process for efficiency and accuracy.  to start using Campaign Precheck. Or, sign up for your free trial today!

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