Clean Email Lists: How to Maintain Deliverability with Verifications

How can I code a mailto link with Bcc and Cc email addresses?

Let’s build on the basic mailto link and add two parameters:

  • bcc: allows you to specify one or more email addresses to be Bcc’d on your message.
  • ccallows you to specify one or more email addresses to be Cc’d on your message.

For example, we’ll set the “to” address as [email protected]. Then, we’ll Bcc [email protected] and [email protected]. We’ll also Cc [email protected].

<a href="mailto:[email protected][email protected], [email protected],&[email protected]">Get in touch!</a>

3. How can I code a mailto link with a subject line?

Remember how we said adding a subject line is a great idea? It’s time to set up our game and learn how. We’ll build on the basic mailto link and add one parameter to set a subject line:

  • subject: allows you to specify the subject line of your message. All text must be  meaning you’ll represent spaces as %20.

Okay, let’s try it! We’ll set the “to” address as [email protected]. Then, we’ll BCC [email protected] and set a subject line of “Email Testing Tools.”

<a href="mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Email%20Testing%20Tools">Get in touch!</a>

4. How can I code a mailto link with an email body?

Finally, this is the last piece of the puzzle! Adding these parameters will integrate mailto HTML body links:

  • body: enables you to specify your email  North Korea Business Email List body. You can add some text to help your subscribers start their message. Just like the subject line, all text must be , and you’ll represent apostrophes with %27.

Let’s set the “to” Then, we’ll specify a subject line of “Email Testing Tools” and a body of “I’d like to know more about….”

Every email link matters…

And that’s a wrap! You should now have a firm grasp on how to use mailto links in your email to create better customer engagement and make your life easier. Of course, mailto links aren’t the only things people will click on in your email campaigns.

Your calls to action (CTAs), newsletter links to your latest content, and body copy links to key landing pages are all super important to the inbox experience. A 404 or the wrong link could really derail your efforts. Plus, you’ve also got to worry about UTMs for tracking. Email on Acid by Sinch is here to simplify the process with the .

Before you hit send, don’t forget to ! Why leave the success of your email marketing campaign up to chance when you can be sure your email will display and work exactly as you intend with Email on Acid?


While you can use our email readiness platform in a variety of ways, we’ve designed the optimal predeployment checklist with . It streamlines UAE Cell Number and simplifies the entire pre-send process for efficiency and accuracy.  to start using Campaign Precheck. Or, sign up for your free trial today!


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