Supercharge Your Email Campaigns with Images

For email marketing campaigns, click-throughs are everything. You can generate clicks with an effective subject line, calls to action (CTAs), links, and text. But even though they say “copy is king,” a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Robust visual design and cohesive images make your emails pop and reinforce your text. Images are also a great way to convey information quickly.

Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. So what’s the right balance? Is there an ideal text-to-image ratio for email?

Let’s talk about how to enhance your email newsletters or campaigns with images, some pitfalls to avoid, and what types of images to include.

What are some best practices for using images in email designs?

Interested in integrating images into your email designs? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose an appropriate image size. Image dimensions should be at least twice the size of the image placeholder to make them pop even on high-definition 4K and Retina displays.
  • Pick the right image format. PNGs, GIFs, and JPEGs are the best formats for HTML email designs. They each have their pros and cons, which we’ll discuss below.
  • Use alt-text. Alternative (alt) text provides context for your images  Namibia Business Email List and makes them more accessible. They are also a good backup system if an email client blocks images.
  • Maintain a strong brand identity with the right images. Copy is important, but you can also use images to develop your brand voice.

Not quite sure what we mean? We’ll dig into each of these recommendations below.

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How do I choose the right image size for email designs?

The general rule is that your image dimensions should be twice the size of the image placeholder in your email template. This makes your image look sharp even on high-definition displays, like 4k and Retina. If you’re  UAE Cell Number ever unsure, check out each email service provider’s guidelines for images since the width of emails may differ between providers.

Most have a width of 600 pixels. So, a full-width image would need to be 1200 pixels wide for optimal appearance in Retina-quality displays.

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