Building an email block with overlapping elements

Webinars are an effective way to demonstrate your authority and deepen your role as a thought leader. Most of them are free for this reason. What can email do to make your webinar marketing more effective? Here are three ways you can make it work for you.

Maximize attendance

First of all, most people who sign up for webinars never attend. If you get 40% of your registrants to show up,  Use email to send reminders to encourage more people to attend. You’ll want multiple emails for this purpose alone. People are busy, and they won’t see all of them. Make the subject lines clear. These are simple reminders to show up for a webinar the person already signed up for. Remember, they want to go!

Beyond reminders, use email to increase  Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List the perceived authority of the thought leader conducting the webinar. Send articles written by the person who will be speaking. Send videos. Send case studies and testimonials of companies who have worked with them. These can all serve to edify your speaker before the event, and both increase the attendance rate and the attention span of viewers.

Follow up with those who attended

After the webinar is over, use a follow-up sequence to highlight key points, refer attendees to additional resources, send slides from the presentation, and suggest the next steps. Your CRM can help you identify which registrants downloaded additional materials so you can better target your efforts.

Many who attended will have increased respect for the speaker and be more open to additional content. Maybe they passed  UAE Cell Number on a previous offer for a specific download, but now that it’s supported by the webinar host’s authority, it’s much more attractive.

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