Boost the visibility of your Instagram account

Advertising on Instagram is a good way to quickly boost your account. The social network, which has belonged to Facebook since 2012, offers an advertising tool that will allow you to precisely target your niche and increase your visibility with qualified prospects. To create an ad campaign on Instagram, you can go through the Facebook Ads Manager or the Instagram app itself. However, this option is only available for professional accounts.

Advertising on this social network is created in 3 steps.

You must first go to your profile, then click on “Promotion” or go directly to the publication to promote. You can also access the promotion tool through your notifications. Where you are going to direct your customers depends mainly on your goals. If you want to develop your notoriety and grow your community, you must send them to your profile.

To boost the conversion rate of your website, you should instead direct them to a page on your website or to a product of your choice. In this case, you can use a call-to-action button to optimize your content. If you want to be contacted directly by your prospects instead, direct them to your Direct messages. For best results, you should then think about narrowing your audience. For this, you can base yourself on specific or automatic criteria. You can also create your own criteria by giving a name to your audience and defining the places or countries targeted as well as the gender and interests of your target.

Finally, you need to set the budget and duration of your

Instagram ad. For a first advertisement, a small budget is sufficient. By hovering your cursor over your choices, you’ll be able to see what your total spend will be, as well as an estimate of how many people you’ll be able to reach. When your ad is ready, it is verified by Instagram before it goes live. The app will send you a notification as soon as it is released. This will allow you to access your promotion statistics . You can discontinue or remove advertising at any time.

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