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Would you go into an MMA fight with one hand tied behind your back? Definitely not. But do you integrate social media strategies into your email campaigns?

If your answer is no, you essentially have one hand tied behind your back. Social media is a pervasive part of our lives and, as such, a key digital marketing channel. In fact, bread and butter, but if you’re not integrating social media marketing into your email marketing strategies, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customer engagement. It’s advantageous to blend these channels and have them work together. By using these channels together, you can:

  • Extend the reach of your campaigns
  • Grow your social and email list
  • Identify key influencers

We’ll break down how to use email and social media marketing together. Then, we’ll discuss how to encourage your email subscribers to reshare your content.

What are some ways to use social media in email marketing campaigns?

Ready to improve your digital marketing game? Here are some  Belarus Business Email List ways we’ve identified how to use social media in campaigns:

  1. Include social icons
  2. Use social share buttons in your newsletters
  3. Host social media-based contests
  4. Add social elements to your
  5. Include social proof in your campaigns
  6. Code live social feeds into your email campaigns

Let’s dig into each of these:

1. Include social icons

Before we jump into more creative ways to integrate social techniques in your emails, let’s start with the basics: social icons. Your email should always have your social icons so your audience can connect with you on other marketing channels, not just the inbox and your website.

Since getting a new like or Twitter follower isn’t typically the focus of your email, it’s better to put these icons in the email footer, so readers aren’t distracted from the goal of your email. In other words, make your social media available to your subscribers, but don’t throw it in their faces.

Incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) with your social icons. Instead  UAE Cell Number of just slapping them in your footer, give your readers an incentive to follow you on these other channels. For example, in an email from West Elm, they say, “Show your personal style with #MYWESTELM”:

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