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Today marks a special day in the life of Email on Acid. Back in September, Since then, we’ve been patiently waiting for the deal to close. And now, it’s finally here – today, we officially become part of the Sinch family!

We are email geeks through and through so the idea of bringing email perfection to a wider audience is thrilling for us. And of course, the feeling is mutual: Sinch brings additional communication channels, which will give email senders a much easier path to go omnichannel and adopt additional messaging APIs. Don’t worry – we will continue to live and breathe email through and through. The Email on Acid product you know and love will operate as a standalone brand, and our team remains laser-focused on helping you get better results through pre-deployment email testing.

If you’re thinking about adding new channels to your communications strategy, though, we think you’ll be excited to hear about the possibilities this new chapter will provide.

The future of customer communications

For the Pathwire portfolio, including , and Email on Acid, the Sinch acquisition was a natural next step. Nowadays, customer communications happen across a range of different channels, platforms, and devices, and in a world where connected experiences are the norm, it made no sense for email to be siloed.

Adding mobile messaging, voice, and video services to your email experience means you’re not just focusing on the present of customer communications – you’re also getting ready to provide the experience the next generation demands.

Taking your email strategy to the next level

Don’t worry – email isn’t going anywhere. It’s the best channel for marketing ROI and has benefits no other medium can provide. But no communications  Italy Phone Number List  channel can stand on its own.

Here’s how incorporating messaging and conversational APIs into the mix can help expand your reach and improve your customer experience and conversions.

New heights for your marketing campaigns

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to customers. With  it’s essential to combine your campaigns with additional touchpoints, something you can now do through Sinch’s messaging and conversational APIs.

Think about your latest campaign. You might’ve promoted your newest product or offered a great deal to thank your customers for their trust during this UAE Cell Number past year. Now think about how much further that campaign could’ve gone if you’d sent your audience a last call for the deal via text message. Or if you had linked a chatbot to handle some of the most common shipping or delivery FAQs.

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