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A live event requires much of the same email marketing as a webinar. You need people to show up. If it’s a conference with multiple speakers or activities, you want them to attend the sessions taught by the thought leaders that come from your company. And you want them to remember the session after they leave.

Use email to thank people for attending

then follow up with the same kinds of messages you’d send after a webinar. You haven’t won them over with a single presentation. Still, you  Saint Lucia Business Email List can use email to maintain the initial connection that you formed and further build credibility by distributing other content by the same speaker.

Just like with webinars, people

who enjoyed the presentation will be happy to see more content in their inbox. Like you can capitalize on the name and face recognition of the expert, you can  by focusing on the topic of the speech itself as well as the overall event. Reference a memorable moment everyone experienced (wasn’t the magician on the opening night amazing? We’ll never forget how she did…), share your team’s pictures at the event, and pull quotes and slides from the presentation.

If something has changed since the event, call it out in a message to start a discussion or create a buzz around the topic. It’ll also UAE Cell Number  show your commitment to staying up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry. Followers will appreciate your authenticity.

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