Add a touch of connection with interactive holiday emails

As part of your email marketing program, you’ve probably collected some data about your subscribers. Remember to stay on the right side of data protection laws like the GDPR, but don’t forget to use the data you’ve to create tailored holiday email marketing campaigns that your customers want to read. Even better, you can use these data points to create .

Track your analytics and marketing metrics to see which campaigns performed better and why. Then, you can adapt your emails to work better for future holidays.

5. Re-engage inactive subscribers

The holidays are a good time to get disengaged customers and dormant subscribers interested in your brand again.

Create a  for the holidays to see if some of those people are still active and in need of your products and services. Provide a special and exclusive set of offers for them, and use subject lines that speak to their inactivity so they’ll open it and see your offer. If you can add personalization, that’s even better.

It’s about quality, not just quantity when it comes to your email list. Inbox service providers (ISPs) use engagement metrics as part of their process for identifying spammers. That’s  Falkland Islands Business Email List why you should proactively purge inactive users (people who haven’t opened or clicked in at least five months) from your list. This will improve your click rates and deliverability.

6. Have a cart abandonment strategy in place

The  is over 70%. That means you better have a cart abandonment email trigger and a lucrative incentive to draw shoppers back in.

Our survey report reveals that in 2020, abandoned UAE Cell Number cart emails earned a 38.5% open rate and a 20% conversion rate. We also found that only 18% of companies are using abandoned cart email automation – that’s a lot of money that companies are just letting slip away. 26% of the most successful marketers are using this strategy. If you don’t have holiday abandoned cart emails in place, this may be your top priority.

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