Gating college content for subscriber acquisition

This allows you to craft your message as well as email design to fit different audiences. In the email below, Texas Lutheran University sends an email to a segment of future nursing students. Texas Lutheran University email campaign for nurses. Courtesy: Really Good Emails Use the information you collect on the email subscription form to guide your segmentation strategy. For example, the form could ask what the prospective student plans to study or what extracurricular activities interest them. You can have a segment for student-athletes, scholarship recipients, military veterans using the GI bill, international students, or any number of programs and majors.

Don’t forget that parents and grandparents

Are often closely involved with helping students make decisions about higher education. If they’re the ones covering the cost of college, you may have to convince them of your school’s value as well. So, this is an important subscriber segment to consider. The pages where subscribers convert and sign up for emails can also inform segmentation. If they subscribed from a page about athletics or the school of medicine, that’s a strong signal about what  Hong Kong Phone Number List content will be relevant to them. Start curating website content to send to your different lists. All this segmentation will make it much easier to nurture college recruits, which we’ll talk about later. Personalizing university email campaigns If your college email marketing efforts make potential students feel as if they already belong at your school, you’ll have a clear advantage over the competition.

Some basic email personalization is one way to make that happen

This personalized college email from Arizona State University celebrates the arrival of summer as well as the start of a new journey for high school graduates.The simple act of addressing recruits by their first name in subject lines and greetings creates the feeling of a more personal connection. Add that familiarity to other automated emails and personalize messages marking their birthdays and high school graduations. Personalized emails to college recruits add a human touch to the process of choosing and applying to a school, which is a stressful but exciting  UAE Cell Number time for many young people. Another way to make university email campaigns feel more personal is modifying the sender name to something other than <[email protected]>. So-called “friendly-froms” present the opportunity to have emails come from high-profile professors, coaches, the university president, or even notable alumni. Nurturing college recruits with emails An effective email strategy for universities takes each step of a student’s journey into account.

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