Email geeks have created a community

Just like on Snapchat, you can use software like  to create camera filters that use face-tracking and deep link them into your email. Encourage subscribers to share these images on social media to get more user-generated market reach.

Staging products in a real environment

Increase purchases from your marketing emails by providing an AR experience that allows customers to virtually place products in their homes and offices. When someone is more confident that a product will work for them, they’ll be more likely to buy it. You can use Apple’s  to create AR product staging experiences even if you’ve never done something like this before.

Immersive environmental experiences can be especially helpful for industries like real estate, travel, galleries, or theme parks. Help customers get excited about their travel destination, how the rooms in a prospective home flow together, what an art China Phone Number List exhibition will include, or what rides are in your theme park. In addition to using panoramic images, you can add doors or gateways to create portal experiences, making it seem like you’re stepping into another realm.

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4. Conduct a segmentation survey

You may already use segmentation in your email strategy. But there are some advanced tactics .That may help you get more data for more strategic segmentation.

If you have a list full of contacts for which .You only know their name and email address. Here’s an idea that could take segmentation and email .Personalization to the next level: subscriber surveys could .Unlock the door to more useful information that supports advanced email marketing.

Be straightforward with subscribers about why UAE Cell Number  you’re sending the survey and let them know you have their best interests at heart. Try messaging like, “No one wants emails that don’t relate to them. We want to deliver a better, more personalized experience to your inbox!”

Keep in mind that you’ll need to follow consumer privacy laws related to data storage and collection.

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