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Email’s highly trackable

In comparison with traditional marketing (print, broadcast, direct mail, outdoor). Email provides a ton of valuable data your team can use to understand . where people are in the buyer’s journey. While you can certainly track other types of digital marketing. Email offers a unique look at behavior because it involves the intimacy of the inbox.

3. Email’s the unique identifier for individual customers

A valid email address is as good as gold to digital marketers. People often keep personal email addresses longer than physical addresses or jobs. Think about it. You need an email address for every device you use. And it goes with you any time you buy a new phone.

People use their email to log in to many other online accounts. Making it possible to retarget prospects or build look-a-like audiences for digital advertising. Because it’s a form of digital identification, access to email also allows you to craft better, personalized experiences. As your program becomes more sophisticated. You can use email to create a cohesive.Historical picture of your customers’ online activities and preferences.

4. Email works beyond top-of-funnel marketing

Most ecommerce marketing tactics are designed to grab the attention of prospects and raise brand awareness. But what happens after that? Email is the most effective way to stay in contact . With new leads and nurture them until you convert them into customers. Too many sales and marketing funnels are clogged with people at the top. Email helps move things along.

It works with current customers, too. For example, you wouldn’t want to use PPC ads and pay to try and reactivate dormant customers, but email is perfect for re-engaging those contacts!

No matter how mature your program is, highlighting the benefits above will remind decision-makers in your organization of email’s true value. These benefits are worth mentioning any time you’re asking for more budget.

How do I level up my email marketing strategy?

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful email program, it’s time to turn things up a notch. How will you use email marketing to level up? There are plenty of options, from hiring new talent or a strategic partner to purchasing new technology or enhancing emails with show-stopping new features.

No matter what you believe is the right choice for the future of your program, you’ll need to answer a few key questions when you ask decision-makers for buy-in:

  1. What’s the cost of email marketing? Be upfront about how this initiative will impact the overall budget.
  1. What can you do with it? Describe how your idea solves a problem or provides specific benefits to the company
  1. How will you support it? Tell them how you’ll Macau Business Email List  take full Explain how you plan to utilize existing resources (tools, teammates, time).

As you pitch your ideas and ask for the budget to make them happen, remember that you aren’t the only one making asks like this. There’s a finite amount of budget.

How do I master email marketing campaigns?

Once you level up and start “running,” it’s time to use email marketing budgets to help your team master the channel. How can you become faster, more efficient, and more effective?

Top-tier marketers have all the data they need to prove the importance of email. In fact, they may not even need to ask for bigger budgets. A survey featured in our white paper,  found that more than 80% of successful marketers already planned to invest in email.

So the question is, where’s the best place to invest? When it comes to  two of the most impactful options are automation and analytics.

When implemented effectively, marketing automation can save a lot of money, and more importantly, it can save your team a lot of time. When you understand the customer journey, you can build automated yet personalized email experiences for them.

Also, when you automate repetitive or tedious tasks, you free up your team’s time, so they can work on more important projects. Automation enables you to try new things and grow without compromising in other areas.

will give you insights into where you should use your budget. But the real accomplishment is the ability to connect data from email marketing to other analytics platforms and separate areas of the business.

That often becomes a challenge as a company grows. Different teams start using different platforms, and you end up with a bad case of  What’s needed UAE Cell Number  is one source of truth or a single location to consolidate and compare information from different sources. In this case, investing in better analytics could become a company-wide initiative that draws from more than just the budget for email.

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